When it comes to buying a man's suit, black may have long been the preferred color. Today, that is no longer the case. Black has lost its status as the undisputed color for men's formal wear and has collapsed to various other more versatile colors and shades. The best way to get out of the uniform swamp this season is to wear green. In fact, with the help of designers, the green suit has become the coolest way to dress this season.

How did green find its place?

Like any fashion trend, the return to form of the green men's suit is no accident. Big names in the design world have rallied to the cause left, right and center. But for your wardrobe, it's progress. The collection of famous brands started with a green three-piece suit, while others went into military mode with pale khaki tailoring as their contribution to the green party. But it's not just the victims of men's fashion who are going all out with green suits: many celebrity suit wearers are also joining the fight for good. Green is a smart tailoring investment, and with carefully chosen accessories, it can spruce up your wardrobe while remaining both timeless and versatile.

Why green?

Green is such an underrated color, as everyone tries to stick to the classic blue and gray theme. However, it is extremely versatile and can beautify an outfit from top to bottom while creating an adorable color palette. Likewise, green has many beautiful shades that create envy. On the darker end of the spectrum, there are shades such as hunter green, emerald green or forest green. Bottle green allows you to make a statement. Earthy tones like sage and moss prove that work life doesn't have to be stuffy, and military khaki is a good off-duty option. On the other hand, pastel colors are lighter like neon green, lime green and sage green for a more summery look. This means that if you want to wear a green men's suit for business, there is only one choice, and that is the darker shades. Green is already a more informal shade that is not suitable for formal business, so a darker color will keep it in the formal range. In other words, the darker the color, the better.

Don't overlook the shape

Regardless of the fabric you choose, the type of lapel or the color, the most important aspect of the garment is its fit. A fancy suit will look terrible if it's too big or too tight, while conversely, a cheap suit made of cheap polyester and fitted well will look much better. The idea is not to rush to the stores and waste your money (you might as well burn it), but to understand the importance of a good fit. To complete the package, just go to a tailor and change some places. It is very difficult to find perfectly fitting ready-to-wear clothing, so hemming pants or shortening sleeves can be the cheapest, but most effective purchase you can make. To make your life easier, Green Suit Man offers custom green suits that are perfect for you.