We must be warm to face the cold outside, during the winter period. We are obliged to wear warm clothes such as coats, hats, gloves, turtleneck sweater.  Regarding the latter, it is a type of sweater with a rising part that covers the entire neck. The turtleneck sweater allows to protect the neck against the cold and the sore throat. Before, it was intended mainly for certain people like sailors or workers. But now it is fashionable and everyone can wear it. But is this type of sweater suitable for any type of morphology of men or women?

The size of the person with a sweater adapted

If you are small, the sweaters that will be able to highlight your figure are a short-sleeved sweater or patterned, that is, with designs or colors that decorate it. Sweaters with long hair or with vertical stripes will hide your slim waist. These clothes give a nice shape to short people, who should avoid long sweaters or long sleeves. If you are tall, you should opt for long sweaters, such as sweater dresses that show off your beautiful legs. Also, a turtleneck will help you to highlight your neck precisely. Avoid sweaters that are too short. You need to adapt to your body type and try to look for clothes that go with it.

The right type of sweater for the right person

If you have a generous shape, wear sweaters that show off your body. Go for the batwing style and loose-fitting or long-sleeved clothes, or V-neck. They will emphasize the curves and beauty of your chest. Sweaters with vertical stripes will give the same effect. Think of wearing black or dark colored clothes, which reduce the effect of curves. However, if you are slim, almost any type of clothing will work with your body type, such as shirt or cowl neck sweaters. The turtleneck sweater and twisted, which will fill the bony parts of your body, remains the most trendy. Avoid tight sweaters that will show off your frame.

How to wear turtlenecks well

To make you look classy and elegant, wear turtleneck sweaters carefully. For the size, a tall person can put it on without constraint, because it will highlight her pretty neck. A person of rather slim size, that is, a perfect morphology of tall and thin will also be able to adopt this kind of clothing. The turtleneck sweater goes well with an outfit of masculine appearance as jeans and boots, with a certain length of leg, and not if you are of small size. It can also be worn under blazers or jackets with a light color. Especially avoid exaggerated layering such as turtleneck sweater and shirt, which is an obvious lack of taste.