Today, "no gender" is all the rage in many areas, especially in the fashion industry. It is a vision that breaks all stereotypes related to gender such as clothing. Indeed, many brands are embarking on this new quest: to have only one "boy-girl" department in their house.

The trend of the Millenials generation

Lately, a new trend is emerging and seems to be successful despite some reluctance from society: it is the "no gender". It is a concept reflecting the point of view of the Millenials generation on the gender approach. Indeed, these people born between 1980 and 2000 do not make any difference between X and Y, that is to say that all the barriers that separate these two sexes are for them perfectly crossable. This vision is reflected in many things such as the acceptance of gay marriage and the freedom of expression that is manifested in the almost abusive use of the internet. Likewise in the way of dressing, even the biggest stars show it clearly: no more special clothes for girls or boys; everything is for everyone!

The era of "no Gender": a fashion for "girl-boy

In their children's clothing stores, some brands have rushed to do the same thing: produce clothes that will fit both boys and girls. No more special gender departments because the labels are standardized. Many moms will be happy with this big change for this new school year because no more headaches to find superhero or pink Barbie clothes: make way for no-gender kids fashion! Indeed, this new-look is currently shared and assumed even by the youngest because it is the current trend transmitted through the Internet. What they like so much is the fact that there are no rules or codes to respect. On the contrary, the goal is to break them and have a mixed vision regarding clothing. Thus, everyone wears absolutely anything they want.

A fashion that is more about style than gender

Since the launch of this new fashion "no gender" by big stars, many designers have revised their sketches and changed their style in spite of themselves. Indeed, the release of the new collection of Celinununu recently created a big wave. Nowadays, the demand is slowly becoming more and more important even in France. Many physical and online stores are rushing into the sale of mixed clothing even if it is only for a question of notoriety. Their challenge is to offer original clothes that will fit both girls and boys. Hoodies, down jackets, T-shirts with uncomplicated messages are all the rage among young people. Clothes with standard patterns like animals and neutral colors appeal to the little ones. The goal is to mix the two styles so that there is only one compatible to all.