Women’s fashion

Find knitting kits to make high quality clothes

Making your own wool sweater, spending your time in a fun and satisfying activity… Knitting is definitely a very rewarding activity. As a beginner, your first steps will probably be difficult, and unless you have a friend or grandmother who…

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Which women’s shoes for my morphology?

For each woman its shoe! Whatever your morphology, whether you are short, medium or tall, with or without curves, with thin or wide calves, read these tips to choose women’s shoes that will make you look good. The ideal women’s…

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Tips for buying women’s shoes online

Women and shoes! This is a long-standing love story. Indeed, women may have almost all the references of their favorite brands, which does not prevent the fact that they will always have a place for new models of shoes in…

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What is eco-responsible fashion?

The textile industry is one of the major factors of environmental degradation. It generates billions of tons of polluting gases. This is due to the manufacturing process of fabrics that use chemical reactions and different types of combustion. In this…

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