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School Labels

How School Labels Promote Responsibility and Ownership

At first glance, school labels might seem like mere organizational tools, but their role goes beyond stickers and tags. These seemingly simple adhesives have deep-rooted psychological implications relating to ownership, responsibility, and self-identity. This article aims to highlight the value…

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The bomber jacket: the super stylish must have piece

When it comes to dress code, people have their own taste. For example, there are those who prefer to take out their everyday clothes or buy an outfit simply because it fits. On the other hand, fashionistas are constantly informed…

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New trend in children’s fashion: “no gender” clothing

Today, “no gender” is all the rage in many areas, especially in the fashion industry. It is a vision that breaks all stereotypes related to gender such as clothing. Indeed, many brands are embarking on this new quest: to have…

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Child comfort: twill pants become the new jogging suit!

Fashion is not only for grown-ups. Nowadays, in this period of renovation on all fields, even children follow the fashion too. Some of them have their own fashion like following the ideas of other children in his school, others who…

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The different types of laces

A shoelace is a band allowing the maintenance of a shoe so that it is well adapted to the size of your feet. Also, you can notice them on other accessories such as clothing for example. Regarding the lace of…

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