Are you looking for quality clothing and want to keep your budget in check at the same time? Have you thought about going to a military store that sells army surplus? We must admit that few buyers have this reflex. Is it really a good plan? What will you find there? What are the warnings to respect to find the rare pearl? You will find the answers to all these questions by reading the information contained in the text below!

A large choice !

For those who have never set foot in a place offering military destocking, it is complicated to imagine what you can find there. As you can imagine, you won't be able to buy weapons whose sale is regulated on the French territory. Its activity is more focused on the resale of military clothing stocks. If you are a fashion lover, you know how trendy the "army" look has been for a few years. So you have all your chances to find the rare pearl at a price defying all competition. To find stores offering military surplus, there is no need to travel the length and breadth of the country. From now on, you can easily access a multitude of online stores dedicated to this theme. Of course, not all of them are equal and you will have to be careful when making your selection. 

Quality clothing

By the way, beyond the aesthetic and financial aspects, what are the advantages of buying clothes from the French military surplus? These clothes are extremely solid and this, in all conditions! If you frequently practice outdoor activities, you will no longer have the fear of seeing your pants or jacket tear at the slightest contact. You will immediately understand that such a characteristic will interest the handymen but also the amateurs of hike for example. If you practice paintball or airsoft, you will not find better than military equipment. In addition to a life expectancy incomparable to other types of clothing, military clothing also offers unexpected comfort. Indeed, it would be easy to think that this concern is not essential for soldiers. In reality, it's just the opposite! Designers work with materials that guarantee a high level of comfort even after several hours in extreme conditions. You can also be sure that you will not feel the slightest discomfort when moving around.

Watch out for the sizes!

You may be surprised to learn that such clothes do not use the current sizing system for fashion. According to the military, this system leaves room for too many approximations that are not suitable for soldiers. They need a clear and practical sizing system. However, it must be admitted that it is difficult to read for a simple civilian! However, this should not be an obstacle for you. In fact, many brands use double labelling to make it easier for customers to understand. You can also count on the precious advice of the salesmen in the store. You should know that the military sizing system is not unique and that there are several systems depending on the era and the country. All of them are based on the soldier's measurements in order to avoid the inaccuracies of size that we all know between different brands. To illustrate this point, it is enough to look at the codification used in the framework of NATO. It always consists of eight numbers, the first four of which indicate the minimum and maximum recommended sizes, while the last four define the low and high values of the chest size recommended by the manufacturer to potential buyers. Simple, isn't it?

Accessories also available

In the vast majority of cases, such stores do not only sell clothes. To attract even more customers, they also offer a multitude of other products. Of course, you will find the inevitable Rangers shoes, but that's not all. For example, if you are ever looking for a GPS, a radio or equipment for camping or military camouflage, it is definitely on this kind of platform that you will find your happiness! You will be hard pressed to find such a high level of quality at this price on other online stores. If you also want to equip your children with such products, it is quite possible. A few weeks before Christmas, some sites even offer toys. In short, you will have already understood that military surplus stores are intended for all members of the family!