Men’s fashion

Turtleneck sweater: suitable for all morphologies?

We must be warm to face the cold outside, during the winter period. We are obliged to wear warm clothes such as coats, hats, gloves, turtleneck sweater.  Regarding the latter, it is a type of sweater with a rising part…

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Fashionable men’s clothing : choose the hammer pants

Everyone has his own way of expressing his taste and personality. This expression can be done through the clothes we wear. According to the proverb, “the clothes make the man”, we must take care of our image to feel comfortable…

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Buy military clothing in a specialized online store

Are you looking for quality clothing and want to keep your budget in check at the same time? Have you thought about going to a military store that sells army surplus? We must admit that few buyers have this reflex….

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Which suit color to choose ?

When it comes to buying a man’s suit, black may have long been the preferred color. Today, that is no longer the case. Black has lost its status as the undisputed color for men’s formal wear and has collapsed to…

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