Fashion is not only for grown-ups. Nowadays, in this period of renovation on all fields, even children follow the fashion too. Some of them have their own fashion like following the ideas of other children in his school, others who follow the fashion of parents like making the clothes worn by daddy and the little boy or by mommy and the little girl look alike which is also a trend at the moment. This change is followed by any country in the world either in developed countries like United States or developing countries like Madagascar.

Definition of twill fabric

There are many kinds of fabric like wool, cotton, nylon, fur to make accessories like pants, skirt, tie, shirt. But at the moment, another type of fabric is coming in fashion which is the twill fabric. Twill is the technique of weaving a soft fabric, which does not wrinkle quickly, very resistant and has a qualitative aspect, with impeccable falls. If you wear it elegantly, we will put pumps with a blouse or blouses for women. Or a turtleneck or boat neck sweater. If you want to wear it casual, put sneakers and a loose sweater or scandal and t-shirt, it will cause a dramatic effect. If you think of a spring fashion, wear it short in pants or a skirt, with heels, as well as a blouse with a jacket.

Children's fashion in twill

Grown-ups are not the only ones who can enjoy clothes made of twill. Children too can wear them as child twill pants that are either for girls or boys in the color of your choice. They are practical and your kids look cute wearing them. They can also be given as a birthday gift for your child or a classmate. As a comfort, you can put front and back pockets, matching with many tops that will make your child look good and attractive. They can also be worn for special occasions such as attending memorable parties: big brother's or big sister's graduation.

Cotton twill

Most clothes should be made of cotton, as it is the healthiest material. Cotton avoids allergies and does not cause itching or bad odors. Wool and fur can be allergenic, nylon produces bad odors in the armpits of people who can't stand them. Cotton, on the other hand, is different. Even doctors advise parents to use it, because it does not produce negative effects on the body. Therefore, there are cotton twill fabrics, called cotton twill. It is not only for clothes, but also for cushions made of twill or sheets. Even if you sweat, it doesn't affect you, because you will stay healthy and without strong smell.