A shoelace is a band allowing the maintenance of a shoe so that it is well adapted to the size of your feet. Also, you can notice them on other accessories such as clothing for example. Regarding the lace of shoes, it runs the length of the shoe through holes reserved. There are laces for all types of shoes such as sports shoes or city shoes.

The different types of laces

Laces are one of the most important components of a shoe like the sole. With the best laces for your shoe, you will be much more comfortable wearing them. There are different types of laces depending on the type of shoe. The most common type of lace is certainly the cords. These are bands that are designed using braided cotton. They have a diameter of normal size. These laces are used on most shoes. You can then notice the cords on city shoes or canvas models. Regarding the round laces, their diameter is a little smaller. They are made of cotton, just like the cords. You may notice metal or plastic at the end of these laces to facilitate entry into the holes reserved so that the ends of the lace do not fray. The round waxed laces are the variations of these. These laces are covered with a thin layer of resin. This allows the lace to gain strength and shine. They are ideal on city shoes because of their diameters. There are also thin round laces which are variations of round laces. Identical to the waxed round laces, the only difference is that they are not covered with resin. You can match them to your city shoes or boots. Flat laces are laces with a width of about 8 mm. They are also made of cotton like the other types. They also have plastic or metal ends. These are the basketball laces. The variant of these laces is the extra wide laces. Very visible, these are the types reserved for shoes reserved for skateboarding. Feel free to click on laces for more information if you are looking for shoe laces.

The materials of manufacture of the laces

The purpose of a shoelace is to hold a shoe or garment in place by following the shape of the individual. There are generally four types of laces: round waxed laces, round thin laces, flat laces and cords. What makes a good shoelace last long enough? Shoe laces are generally made of cotton, such as round waxed laces, thin round laces, flat laces and cords. However, there are also elastic laces. They differ from the other types in the material of which they are made. The closing technique is also different. The material of manufacture is elastic. Unlike other types of laces, these elastic laces have a different clasp system. You can choose to put elastic laces on sports shoes. For more comfort, these laces are ideal because the pressure will be alleviated by the elastic. The laces dedicated to soccer shoes are made from synthetic materials that have a better resistance.

The length of the laces

Laces can be short, long or extra long depending on the shoe. Short laces are generally 600 mm long. This length is ideal if your shoe has less than 4 holes on each side like children's shoes for example. Long laces are used on shoes that have less than eight holes, such as sports shoes. Extralong laces can be up to 1.60 m long. High shoes or boots with laces need these extralong laces.