For each woman its shoe! Whatever your morphology, whether you are short, medium or tall, with or without curves, with thin or wide calves, read these tips to choose women's shoes that will make you look good.

The ideal women's shoes if you are short

When you are not very tall and thin, your goal is to look bigger than your size. The heels are then your allies because they will lengthen your legs and your whole silhouette. To accentuate this effect, it is not advisable to choose models with thick heels that would not refine your legs as much as you would like. You should also avoid shoes that are too massive and that will compress your silhouette. The whole range of pumps with stiletto or thin heels is at your disposal. You can also opt for high boots that will highlight your slender legs provided that they are not too high, which would break your silhouette. For the boots, in order not to compress your leg, prefer a model going higher than the ankle or let your pants go over your shoes. For those who are short and curvy, the ideal women's shoe is bound to have heels that will lengthen your leg. In order not to appear smaller, prefer ankle boots and boots rather short. As for the pumps, it is better that you choose them with heels certainly fine but not high heels. Don't hesitate to try platform shoes and models with square heels that will shape your legs and slim your figure. If you like ballerinas, take them with a small heel. As for sneakers, wedges or flats, they are also adapted to your morphology and refine your foot.

Women's shoes when you're average height

When you're neither really tall nor really short, you have many options for footwear. From thigh-high boots to low-boots and pumps, you are spoilt for choice. Thin heels are preferable to lengthen your silhouette. As for their height, it's all a matter of taste and situation. You can opt for models with a higher heel when you go to a party for example. It all depends on the height you feel comfortable walking in. When it comes to flat shoes, sneakers, ballerinas or derbies are models that will fit you perfectly. When you are of average height with some curves, the heels will allow you to refine your silhouette. Avoiding high heels, shoes that will make you gain height are recommended. Whether they are pumps, ankle boots or boots, prefer square and thick heels. To make your leg look slimmer, you can wear wedge sneakers. Wearing them with pants, derbies are also a good option when you are looking for a comfortable and aesthetic model.

Pairs of shoes for women if you are tall

Are you slim and trim? To make it simple, all shoe models can fit you! Concerning heels, in order to avoid looking really high, unless you absolutely like it, it is advised not to wear heels higher than 6 cm, which is already a height that not everyone dares. You can choose boots, pumps, boots, thigh-high boots, etc. As for flat shoes, it's the same thing: everything fits. From ballet flats to derbies to sneakers, start the day off right by putting them on the way you want. Are you tall with a few curves? Heels are made for you! There's nothing like wearing a woman's shoe with thick, even square heels to slim down your figure. If you choose boots, it is better to avoid the thigh-high style: too high, they may ultimately weigh down your figure. Look also in the direction of the wedge sneakers that go with all types of outfits and bring you an undeniable walking comfort. The derbies are also a model adapted to your morphology provided that you wear them with pants. With dresses or skirts, they risk weighing down your legs.

What shoes for women if you have strong calves?

Regardless of your size, you may have somewhat strong calves. However, this is not a reason to give up wearing nice shoes for women! There are several models that are quite suitable in this case. First of all, you can opt for high boots that will have the effect of refining your silhouette, and especially your calves. The effect will be even more marked if you choose models that are not too tight at the ankle or calf. If you choose boots that are too tight in the calf area, they may appear larger than they really are and you get the opposite effect of what you want! The ideal height of the boots to refine your calves is at the level of the knee. Regarding the material, thick leather has the advantage of giving a good hold to the boots and it comes in many colors. If you want to put on your high boots easily, you should know that there are models with an elastic band. In addition to boots, you can also wear models with wedge heels. The choice is vast in all seasons: boots, sneakers, barefoot, espadrilles, sandals, etc.. Finally, you can also wear pumps, avoiding stilettos and preferring square and thick heels.