The textile industry is one of the major factors of environmental degradation. It generates billions of tons of polluting gases. This is due to the manufacturing process of fabrics that use chemical reactions and different types of combustion. In this case, it is necessary to think of other alternatives in order to manufacture clothes that enhance the ecology. The adoption of eco-friendly clothing is one of the solutions against the excessive production of greenhouse gases by textile companies. But, what is eco-friendly fashion?

What is eco-friendly fashion?

It is a new way of making clothes. Eco-friendly fashion maximizes the environment by using less polluting processes in the textile industries. Indeed, it is clear that every human being wears clothes. At this time, the world's inhabitants now number more than 7 billion. Clothing is therefore a large part of the most sold items on the market. While the manufacture of textile products has always been harmful to the ecology. The producers have become aware of this imminent danger. They have set up a more ecological trend, but still trendy and stylish: the eco responsible fashion. The latter consists in promoting the advantage of an organic clothing. It is in your interest to opt for this type of clothing in order to participate in the fight against environmental degradation. Besides, the latter is one of the main reasons of the climate change present in the whole world. So, choose an eco-responsible garment so that the future of humanity is better.

When is a garment considered organic?

A garment is organic when the whole process of its manufacture respects the ecology. Indeed, the raw materials used are from organic farming. We often find vegetable leather, wool, hemp, cotton and silk. In addition, the plants from which these materials are extracted are cultivated in the most natural way possible. The farmers avoid the use of chemicals during all stages of cultivation. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. do not touch the fields. Therefore, the elements extracted from these plantations are 100% organic. So, it is these substances that the textile company adopts for the manufacture of their eco responsible clothing. A garment is therefore said to be organic when its manufacturing process emphasizes ecology. Thus, it will be respectful towards people, soils and the entire planet.

Why opt for the eco responsible fashion?

Clothes created with plastic fabrics dominate the market at the moment. While these products are manufactured in an environmentally unfriendly way. In fact, the textile industries emit far too many greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process. Moreover, even if the garment is already in the hands of consumers, it continues to pollute. Of course, during washing, synthetic fiber fabrics deteriorate and micro-particles are released. As these travel down the drain, they could end up in the ocean. This represents a serious danger for the aquatic ecosystem. So, the only solution is to promote the use of organic clothing. In addition to deferring to the ecology, it is good for your health. In addition, many famous designers use organic fabrics for their creations. So, you can be stylish and trendy while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Where to find eco-friendly clothes?

Like all other products, you can find the right eco-friendly clothing for you on the internet. Indeed, many designers have become aware of the importance of ethical clothing. Thus, you have a wide choice of eco responsible clothes on the net. Just beware of platforms that make false claims about the manufacturing process of their textile products. In fact, in order to choose the right garment for you, all you need to do is to find out about the raw materials used for its manufacture. Make sure that they are substances extracted from a particular plant. Then you will get a 100% natural garment. Apart from that, you can also opt for the second garment. These can be seen on the internet. Indeed, choosing the recycling thrift stores also gives you the pride of contributing to the preservation of the environment. Many stores, which sell eco-friendly clothing, are on the vastness of the Internet, you just have to check them.